Taking the health, regeneration and proliferation of our ecosystem and culture into our own hands.



EcoCamp Coyote is a response to deep cultural and environmental wounds in a time and place where solutions exist, people care, and connections need to be made. Using Permaculture’s ethical design principles coupled with the growing “Ecosystem Restoration Camp” movement, on the edge of the technologically ripe Silicon Valley, we are responding to a call to action with agency.
We are a hub for proliferation, alternative living, creative reuse, and education. We serve not only our local area, but other Ecosystem Restoration Camps and the environmental movement as a whole. We are a node, facilitating interdependence and permaculture principles as we grow soil, biodiversity and community. We aim to leave this place better than we found it and alleviate any negative impacts on our environment as we educate, demonstrate and liberate the collective.

Off-Grid Perma-structure

(Permanent Infrastructure) Using a combination of systems, we’re decreasing our reliance on fossil fuels. For electricity, we use solar panels, batteries, and a biodiesel powered backup generator which run our homes, refrigeration, and tools in the shop. Rather than use propane to cook, our kitchen uses a wood stove, solar electricity, and a biogas stove which runs on gas created from our toilet waste.

Good News
Wood Salvation

"Good News Wood Salvation, LLC" lives onsite as an integral part of EcoCamp Coyote and has been the primary source of funding thus far.

Good News Wood is a wholesale reclaimed redwood distributor and lumber yard that seeks to offset the growing needs of the modern lumber industry with beautiful reclaimed and salvaged wood. What were once ancient redwood forests, were turned to fences, discarded, and now live again as beautiful wall paneling, picture frames, furniture, caskets and more.

The Forest Factory

Just down the road from our camp, we are working to grow trees in a giant derelict flower greenhouse we call the ‘Forest Factory’ With an emphasis on native oaks and other keystone species which support all kinds of life, restore water cycles, build soil, and help stabilize the climate.

Roadside restoration project

In order to prevent the toxic herbicide permethrin from being strayed on a 1.4 mile long roadside strip next to our camp, we made a deal with the city that we’ll take care of it! This means trimming the trees and mowing the tall grass for fire safety.  


We wish to have a broad and positive influence via consultations, workshops, videos and writing. Another form of education will be similar to the merit badges of the Scouts. Aligned with the folks at Gaia university, the badges are part of a multi-faceted, hands-on approach to training and accreditation.