Taking the health, regeneration and proliferation of our ecosystem and culture into our own hands.



EcoCamp Coyote is a response to deep cultural and environmental wounds in a time and place where solutions exist, people care, and connections need to be made. Using Permaculture’s ethical design principles coupled with the growing “Ecosystem Restoration Camp” movement, in the technologically ripe edge of Silicon Valley, we are responding to the call to action.
We are a hub for regeneration, alternative living, creative reuse, and education. We serve not only our local area, but other Ecosystem Restoration Camps and the environmental movement as a whole. We are a node – facilitating interdependence and permaculture principles as we grow soil, biodiversity and community. We aim to leave this place better than we found it and alleviate any negative impacts on our environment as we educate, demonstrate and liberate the collective.

Good News
Wood Salvation

"Good News Wood Salvation, LLC" lives onsite as an integral part of EcoCamp Coyote and has been the primary source of funding thus far.

Good News is primarily a wholesale reclaimed wood distributor and lumber yard that seeks to offset the growing needs of the modern lumber industry with beautiful reclaimed and salvaged wood. In the works is the design of a modular reclaimed wood panel to take the place of plywood. Applications include and are not limited to: sheathing for outhouses, tiny houses, sheds, planter boxes, wall paneling, sub-roofs, doors and drawbridges.

Off-Grid Living

Our facility boycotts the dirty and harmful energy grid by implementing an off-grid photovoltaic solar system. This, coupled with a waste vegetable oil-powered generator, runs all of our tools, dwellings, refrigeration, biofuel refinement and will soon charge the fleet of electric vehicles utilized here.

Carbon Farming

Using regenerative, no till, and permaculture food forest methods, we are growing food for ourselves and the community, with plans to start a CSA program. 

Serving as an annex to our main site, one block away is a mid 20th century 5,000 square foot greenhouse we have been restoring. We have begun to utilize this unique opportunity to cultivate native perennials, trees, vegetable starts and herbs for ours and other ecocamps.


We wish to have a broad and positive influence via consultations, workshops, videos and writing. Another form of education will be similar to the merit badges of the Scouts. Aligned with the folks at Gaia university, the badges are part of a multi-faceted, hands-on approach to training and accreditation.