EcoCamp Coyote Resources

Welcome to the Resource page for EcoCamp Coyote! Here is where to find out what we do. From our Blog, to video updates of our various projects, to articles written about us, we hope you enjoy getting to know the action behind our mission.
EcoCamp Coyote's Youtube Channel
Visit our Youtube channel to see in-depth updates on projects.
Leo Lauchere's Youtube Channel
Camp Host Leo's personal youtube content overlaps often with EcoCamp projects. While you're there, check out what else he's up to.
EcoCamp Coyote Blog
Our monthly blog is currently the best way see what we're up to on a regular basis. Reported here is the wide variety of projects we're working on.
The Sacramento Bee Article

After attending our first Action Weekend campout, Saskia Hatvany wrote this great article "California business makes strides at both living and working off the grid" about our camp for the Sacramento Bee!